Delicious and Beautiful New Season Dishes

Head Chef Sylvain Costrowa has introduced some delicious and inventive new season dishes to the menus at restaurant Vie de Châteaux, here are a few of the new dishes:


Mussels from the Blackboard

From the Blackboard Specials this week we have a seafood delight: Baked mussels with “Friand of Mussels” and sauce Mouclade (curry and mussels jus), spicy and roasting perfect for a chilly winter’s day.

new season dishes mussels

new season dishes vegetarian

Vegetarian A la Carte delight!

From the A la Carte menu our next dish is bound to be a favourite for non-meat eaters; pan-fried parcel of risotto cake, roast cauliflower, glazed winter vegetables, spinach & parsley sauce.

Soup and Fish

Firstly our wonderful home made roast tomato soup with chorizo garnish and aubergine caviar!

The second dish is from the current blackboard specials: pan-fried halibut, celeriac and clams sotto with sauce verte.

new season dishes soups fish

new season dishes guinea fowl sea trout

Winter Wonder Mains

Not a common bird to see on a menu, but very tasty all the same: Supreme of Guinea Fowl with smoked white pudding, savoy cabbage, Jerusalem artichoke puree & thyme juice

Our Fish of the day here is a fine fillet of Sea Trout with butternut squash, courgette & leek fondue, saffron emulsion

and finally back to the beginning

Two very colourful starters: the first dish is cured Lomo ham with wild mushroom mousse & buckwheat crumble, followed by such an underrated fish pan-fried fillet of mackerel with pickled cucumber, horseradish cream &  a Bloody Mary dressing


new season dishes starters fish mushrooms

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